Monday, January 3, 2011

Bryan the Builder....Yes He Can!

The week before Christmas, Bryan tackled closet building for the first time. Our fourth bedroom/bonus room did not come with a closet...just a random divot in the wall (as seen below). Since we need Lauren's room for the baby room, we wanted to move her into the bonus room, but that girl DEFINITELY needs a closet, so Bryan set to work. I actually helped with the framing too.
Bryan's dad helped him with the drywalling...
And then Bryan textured and painted it by himself.
And here's the finished product, complete with her curtains (instead of a closet door), and Bryan put in a rod for hanging clothes, and a shelf.
Here's the view of her empty room from the door, with her new curtains around the huge window at the end. She loves her new room....we never see her anymore because she lives in there!

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