Monday, January 17, 2011

Translation please...

Korean translation = Ka - ree - sah.
There is no "ri" (as in Cha-ri-ssa) sound in this is as good as it gets. I think my soccer number in college (21) was meant to be as evidenced by this writing of my name in Korean (notice the 21 in the middle?). Pretty cool.
I hope y'all are ready for a random post. My good camera is in the shop for the next 2 weeks, so I've been roughing it with Bryan's Nikon CoolPix, and I randomly decide to take photos...this one was taken last week (at 33 wks) with my mom...we were showing off our stomachs. I win.

This was after the Christmas Eve service at Salem Heights. Apparently by older bro is not into picture taking. But, heck, we got the whole family in!
You get to see this one because I just found it (it's from Christmastime too) and thought it was really cute. Isla loves her uncle "Bry Bry" as she calls him - especially when he fulfills her Little Critter book fix. Isla has also now mastered saying my name, which is awesome!


SarahJohnson27 said...

you look great! And your mom doesn't age (Darren agrees!

Sweetly Sun-Kissed said...

you look so great!!! I can't wait for you to post pictures!