Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ringing in the new year

A little late, but here are some pics from New Years. It was a year of babies for my friends Kari and Mallory....their little girls Kylie and Eden joined Kylie's big sister Isla as the kiddos this year. Next year, there will be one more little girl compliments of the Bernards! Even with the kids, we all made it to midnight, when we completed our annual traditions. I'm not sure what the guys are doing here....it looks like they peed all over the ground, but that's just the mess left over after the girl tradition (it's Martinelli's, not pee). From left to right: Ben, Bryan, Kyle and Josh. And here all the girls...Mallory, Lauren, Me, Alicia, Melissa, and Kari holding Isla in the bottom row. Good times!

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