Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Polka time

Can everyone just pause and breathe a sigh of relief that my camera has returned to me? Ahh....I forgot how much better pics from an SLR look.

Today was a good day.
Two of my latest endeavors came to fruition...I finally finished the pelmet board for the baby's room and the UPS guy brought my camera back to me after its vacation at Nikon repair in El Segundo, CA.
Both of these projects started on the same day (Jan. 8 - when I ordered the material for the pelmet board and mailed off my camera) and took way too long to finish! The polka dot material was the worst...the order was processed and sent by on Jan. 13, but all the storms in Georgia delayed all the shipping. It finally arrived yesterday, a ridiculous 17 days after I ordered it!! My camera actually took less time to fix than I anticipated, so I was delighted to find my fixed camera at my doorstep this afternoon! Ahhh, having my camera back is seriously awesome! I got to use my new 50 mm lens for a few of these shots, so the timing couldn't have been better! I utilized my trusty staple gun (compliments of Mr. Bryce Bernard) for the completion of my project. Other materials used to construct the pelmet board were much more flimsy, but effective: Foam board, duct tape, super glue and even some scotch tape.
Here is the finished project mounted and everything. And, the semi completed baby room! Close up of the baby's new quilt (compliments of Grandma Julie Bernard).

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confessions of a closet nerd said...

Love seeing the progress on the baby room, Charissa! You are so creative, you're inspiring me to get a few projects done that I've been toying with for a while too! Keep it up! :)